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I Don’t Want to Feel Like Shit… and I Don’t Want You to Either!

It’s not that I’m tired of feeling like shit—I figured out pretty early on, that there just wasn’t a lot of fun in it. I found out what was causing it and ways to make it stop! So now I want to share what I found with you.

About now, I hear you saying, “But I can’t help it! This, and that, and—oh yeah—the other thing is happening. And, well, I’m getting old (always said with a little giggle as if you know it and aren’t really accepting it, but it’s a convenient excuse…) So, aren’t I supposed to feel like this anyway?”

The answer is NO!! Hell no, actually. To start with, it’s your life! You are supposed to control it, it doesn’t control you! (Okay, that was actually something my mom told me the first time I drove with my learner’s permit…but it stuck for so many other things in life, too!) I’m not going into emotional ‘shit’ here—there are plenty of other blogs for that. I’m also not going into the, “But when I look in the mirror—” shit because again, lots of blogs and even more products!

I’m talking about the, “Why is my back hurting all-of-the-sudden,” or “Where did this knee pain come from and why are my feet hurting? I just got out of bed,” shit. The, “I’m bloated,” “Why can’t I walk on the curb without falling off anymore,” and, “Oh, that quick game of chase with the dog last night—I’m feeling it,” shit.

"Looking good for your age is nice. Feeling good is ageless!"

So enough of what we already know! How about that, “I don’t want you to feel like shit either” you promised!?

Okay, here it is: MOVE! First and foremost, move! A lot! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. If that is ALL you can do—do that. Fingers, toes, ankles, (you get the point)…BUT, something tells me you can do a little more. So…walk, hike, ride a bike, chase the kids or grandkids, the dog, the ball around the tennis court…just MOVE!

But…I already move and I still hurt!

Yep…so, you still need to move…

But first, Pilates!

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